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In the South Western Uganda region there are several protected areas which include Bwindi, Mgahinga and Nkuringo .People who live around this place face different challenges due to the groups of people around the place for example long distance drivers (Tour guides and operators,Uganda wild life Authority works, The Uganda people`s defence force solidiers,Tourism police,camp site workers that all come from different places and come to these protected areas and they leave their families and come to socialize with the community members .This has become a centre of problems especially wide spread of sexually transimitted diseases especially HIV/AIDS killing many,leaving children helpless ,spending a lot of money in hospitals and leading to the main source of poverty, famine,marginalization social Exclusion hence stigmatization.And therefore Bwindi orphans and vulnerable children is looking forward to put this to an end. We shall have a team of staff members to train,do sensitization and create awareness in people and shout loud about this crisis that has become a challenge in our community through lecture threatre music,dance and drama,sports ,we shall be able to reduce this crisis in our protected areas.

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